Smart Contract that pays royalty creators whenever transaction happens

I am planning to write a smart contract on top of ERC1155 standard where 100 NFTs of each song are minted and published for sale and whenever transaction happens, a certain percentage of transaction fee (or value of NFT) is also transferred to artists as royalty revenue.

  1. in this case, who should mint 100 NFTs for primary sales? owner of contract (me) and later transfer ownership to artist? or artist by themselves? or lazy mint when user buy them, minting and transferring of ownership take place? what is the best practice here.

  2. is there a sample contract that I can refer to that contains the logic of recurring revenue

The easiest way I can think of is for your payable function to deduct the amount you want to derive.

create a function that is called commission and that is called within this payable function and that discounts the percentage of the msg.value to the address that you consider.