Smart contract implementation into dapp

Is there any guide on how I can implement contracts from etherscan into my dapp? If there isn’t how could I do so?

Can you elaborate your question to be more specific?

lets say i wanted to create an nft marketplace or something like that. instead of using the opensea plug in that moralis provides, is it possible to input the wyvern exchange contract into my dapp so i can buy/sell nfts directly through the contract? (Sorry if this still doesnt make sense I’m new to solidity.)

Few things to point finger at; OpenSea already use “Wyvern Protocol”. Wyvern Protocol enables users to swap NFT’s, meaning when an NFT owner sells an assets, it transfers to the buyer instantly.

Short answer; No. Because you have to use OpenSea plugin with moralis.
Long answer; Yes. You will need to build your dapp completely from scratch (without using moralis, or OpenSea plugin).

Hope this clarify your question.
Good luck

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