Smart Contract Hacking - Reentrancy - Related Questions

I’m opening this topic for questions related to the Smart Contract hacking tutorial.


Hello Daniel Can you analyze the Ronin wallet exploit of axie infinity? I leave you the transaction hash

Hi Man,

Of course, will take a look.

This is more of dev-ops than a smart contract hack but there is a lot of food for thought there.

Here a quick thread about bridges.

Hi, yes minimum 5 out of a total 9 keys are needed to do that, there is something weird there

Hello Daniel. It’s is a Reentrancy attack contract for Binance blackchain also?

Can you explain your question a bit more?

The reentrancy attack is dependent on the code, it would be the same on any EVM chain

Blackchain=blockchain. The attack contract is with ETH, do I have to change it in BNB for Binance ? Anything else should I change in that attacker code( I’m sorry but I’m new at this)

No once you deploy it to Binance chain, it will function the same.