Smart Contract Error : Internal JSON-RPC error

I am trying to interact with the MarketPlaceBoilerPlate contract from my dapp but i get this error.
Cannot understand why because with the first contract that I deployed it works, but when I’m trying a new one i get this error and Metamask dont show up.

1. code: -32603
2. data:

  1. code: -32000
  2. message: "execution reverted"
  3. [[Prototype]]: Object

3. message: "Internal JSON-RPC error."

MetaMask - RPC Error: Internal JSON-RPC error. {code: -32603, message: 'Internal JSON-RPC error.', data: {…}}

from that execution reverted message it looks like there was an exception on executing that function.
you could add more β€œlogging” in the smart contract function to see where it exits

you could try also with another RPC url in case that it is somehow an error with the node RPC

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