Slow api syncing

This api take about 6 minutes to get refreshed when a item is created, creating a lot of problem while creating a real time marketplace. Please. Help

NFTowner table is not syncing at real time due to the api delay
WHereas out minted nft is visible on polygonscan and opensea instantly but visible on your api after 6 minutes

is this something that you noticed now, or it was happening before?

asking because we had some backlog yesterday on polygon for processing transactions

Earlier i was using testnet then it was happening on live, but yesterday it was taking 25 minutes to sync and today few hours ago it took about 6 minutes to sync, let me test again and tell you the time

ok, it looks like it improved since yesterday.

I guess that it is not easy to test again to see what it would be the delay now.

I tested again the delay is of around 4 minutes on polygon, is this a common thing that happens on main net, because there was no delay on testnet after it get reflected on polygonscan/etherscan

It looks like we still have a backlog on polygon now

When will it be cleared completely, and what will be the average delay in sync after that?

today is should be cleared

Is it cleared by now?

That would be my expectation.
What delay you see now?

3minutes for today. And one more basic question, when we do lazy minting on opensea why it shows some contract address?, do we really need smart contract for lazy minting in any marketplace?

it may depend on how that lazy minting is implemented.
I would think that it looks closer to a non lazy minting if you see a smart contract there even for a lazy minting. And this way users may not be able to easily distinguish between la lazy minting and a normal mint.

but there’s no entry in our address on etherscan/polygonscan while we do lazy minting?

yes, there is no entry on chain, only in an internal database that tracks that lazy mint

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internal database that is handled by opensea or etherscan/polygonscan?

that is handled by opensea