Sleeping Servers paid plan, Wont wake up

My servers are sleeping again on a paid plan. I don’t know what the deal is I have the invoice they will not reawaken and I know I’ll need the data resynced any help would be greatly appreciated. Here are the sleeping servers. I can attach the invoice if needed.

It says I have a starter package this is incorrect

I’ll look now on the servers

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Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll have to investigate what happened this time.
The servers should work now.

Thank you for your assistance, however its still the same. They state “Oops… an error occurred. Could not wake up the server.” and it still under the free plan.

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Can you try again now?

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partially,one of the two woke up not sure if the data has synced yet, the other is wont wake, I suspect its because i’m listed under a free plan which is incorrect.

yeah the data is not re-synced either

I mean as soon as I can I’m going to get a yearly plan to hopefully prevent this but I don’t understand why i’m now under a starter package.

you should see Pro plan now for your account. It was an issue on our side.

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Just checked it’s working thank you again.

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