SLA with Moralis

I’m setting up a system where according law I need to have Service Layer Agreement with the company that I’m doing business with. Does Moralis have SLA? Can you provide link to the document, I don’t seem to be able to find it on your website or by googling it

Hello @ingig, thanks for the message!

We don’t provide SLAs as of now. However can you let me know a bit more details about your requirements? We may be able to sort it out by the fast Forum and Discord service (help) we provide. As well as the email help.


I’m applying for a license from a financial regulatory agency, in the application they ask for SLA and signed contracts. At this moment lets not takes this further, I will take this up with my lawyer and see what is really needed. If he or the agency insists on it, I’ll contact you guys to figure something out.

Sounds great, thanks for the update!

Feel free to ping us anytime, as you get more information, I’ll be happy to help on what’s needed.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Just want to add to this post for others that find it, Moralis has Enterprise subscription which provides SLA. See here