Simple sign message

Can I send a simple sign message without web3 or ethers? Like in authentication?

You mean how to log in a user (send them a metamask popup) using moralis?

No, in web3.js it has a personal sign message functionality. It’s like an alert that is similar to javascript’s

I see, I don’t think moralis has that functionality (except for the log in sign of course), I could be wrong though, maybe someone else knows.

current authentication uses metamask, and in order to connect to metamask you need web3 or ethers, and you can sign directly with web3 or ethers too if you want to use a hardcoded private key


I didn’t use any of them I think. I just called the function Moralis.authenticate() and I can connect. Still I think I cannot sign without them. I tried to check the source code that Moralis used for the first sign message when connecting but I couldn’t find it

Moralis.authenticate will use Moralis.enableWeb3 in order to instantiate a web3 or ethers instance, and it will use that instance.

you will find in source code the part that signs that message, it is that personal sign message functionality

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Got it, then I can use ethers without any concern. Thank you so much!