Signing throws scary warning

I am currently building a gambling website based on web3. Before the user can play slots etc… I need access to the funds so I created a signing message with which i can transfer funds. If he clicks on play slot and he throws a spin I charge 5$ for each spin.

But this warning is really scary and I just dont want anyone to think that its a suspicious activity. How Can I get this away ?

“Signing this message can have dangerous side effects. Please only sign messages from websites that you would trust with your full account. This dangerous variant will be removed in future versions”

Any help.? Pls ? I need it asap

I don’t know if it is possible. It seems dependent on MetaMask.

What does your signing code look like? That message will happen if you have a transaction (e.g. sending of currency) inside the message. Would be best to handle everything in a smart contract.

Yeah. I’m signing a transactionObject. So if I do it in a smart contract. It will work ? Is there any other way ?

Yes it will work in a smart contract. You could also just use a regular (payable) function to get the payment. With your current method I don’t think it’s possible to get around this warning message.