Should I used MOngO DB with moralis?

I just saw the pricing, it is below what is currently being offered on the market, even the free teirs are better at google or AWS, OR AZURE. Should I abandon MongoDB with moralis and use another service?

i only use moralis for like 2 endpoints, and thinking about leaving them as well.

I’m not sure what is the question.

the cost of mongodb with moralis seems higher than if I went with MongoDB atlas

Mongo db is not all that a Moralis Server has, that would be only a small part. You can use a separate db if you want, but probably will be slower with an external db if you are also using a Moralis Server

yea if you just need a database - use mongo atlas

if you need full-stack solution for web3 dapp development - use moralis

it’s 2 different needs

no types makes it super hard , i am using nestjs with moralis.

(method) Moralis.ObjectStatic<Moralis.Object<Moralis.Attributes>>.extend(className: string | {
    className: string;
}, protoProps?: any, classProps?: any): any

and also new Query object also returns any. have to always look at docs

kind sir, here is a firebase example:

(alias) uploadBytes(ref: StorageReference, data: ArrayBuffer | Uint8Array | Blob, metadata?: UploadMetadata): Promise<UploadResult>

plz add proper return types ty