Shoot nft market place

whats the purpose of this f group if no one replies… what a shoot video of nft marketplace

what is the problem that you have?

i am following this video:
and my code has a this problem which i reported a week ago:

getting this error Failed to compile. ./src/components/NFTBalance.jsx Module not found: Can’t resolve ‘providers/MoralisDappProvider/MoralisDappProvider’ in ‘/home/godslayer436/Documents/GitHub/ethereum-boilerplate/src/components’

at what line you got that error?

take a look at my error again

I remember that error now, I think that you have to copy that file named providers/MoralisDappProvider/MoralisDappProvider from somewhere

I had downloaded the whole providers folder and pasted it into my the src folder but that did not work as well.

you could try to copy that file in different folder so that it is found when it tries to access it, either outside src or in components folder

i tried that as well, the files are getting accessed but it is showing a ton of errors in the MoralisDappProvider.js

did you also copy that context file that it is in the same folder: ?

yes I did copy it in to the same folder

what do you do when you get that error?

did you try with latest code from that repository now?