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Good News for me (hooray)
I just confirmed my first LIVE Moralis NFT Project which calls for setting up a Registrar for an Art School whose most known world wide senior artist has endured a large Fraud Ring of thousands of Fakes sold as legit through legit/shady galleries. (Movie of court case was released last year)
So now they issue Certificate of Authenticity for all works by any of their artists and the more than 5000 canvas originals from the senior artist. I convinced them of the appropriateness of integrating NFT s as the basis of the Regisrar. So it is a done deal go forward. Score ONE for Artists against Art Gallery Fraud.

I am still too rusty to quickly integrate Moralis and Raribles into their existing website. I would really like to work with another developer who has been coding for more than 3 years already to first integrate Moralis as the base addition to their website and then integrate raribles and then figure out the seemless integration to their existing site in conjunction with their existing front end web developer who has never touched crypto yet and is not really a programmer. While its an art school with no budget we have agreed to arrange a small budget needed to make things happen with development time and NFT creations…

The project based in Toronto Canada with a focus on Native Art - Morriseau

Please be in touch if your are interested to assist.


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