Set Listing order on opensea

I was trying to list my NFTs on Opensea Testnet with Moralis SDK, but I got an error that says “Your wallet failed to sign your order correctly. Try a different wallet!”.
The fetch process is working well but setting orders is not.

did you get to sign a transaction?

Yes, I click the ‘Confirm’ button when the Metamask dialog opens to confirm the transaction, but the error came. I tried another wallet but it had the same issue.

What does your code look like?

I just ran Moralis’ Github project:

Ok, that project seems to be quite outdated. But I was able to get “Create Sell Order” working for an NFT of mine until an error of opensea_postOrder 400. But the transactions all went through, so not your error.

Can you doublecheck your createSellOrder function values e.g. correct addresses, token type. Make sure you’ve authenticated on the same wallet that’s specified in userAddress as well.

can you also check if you have latest version of OpenSea plugin installed?

and also that you are using latest version of Moralis SDK.