Set CORS policy of Moralis static server

Iโ€™m hosting a simple web app with the Moralis static hosting.
The app is a three.js viewer, so there are multiple assets associated with it such as images, fonts, js files and 3d models.
The app will need to be viewed from opensea within an iframe similarly to this example:

I managed to mint it with the correct metadata, however when opensea loads the iframe Iโ€™m getting several CORS errors.

See an example from here:

The question is:
Is there a way to set the CORS policy of Moralis static hosting to include the opensea domain to avoid cross domain errors?

Many thanks for your help!

Sorry to chase an answer, I just need to know if itโ€™s possible to allow cross origin on the moralis server or if I need to switch an aws bucket for those assets, many thanks!

Hey @enricop

Thank you for your patience :raised_hands:
Unfortunately, at the moment we have no option for this

thanks for your reply