Servers performance drastically decreased

Hi Sir,

many of our users are waiting for responses on the moralis API. Could someone have a look with us? Our app id is 46j5S3FkmcWJQYMs67VMJwmHw79Oz5GHd26URsQ0

How many users do you have? Do you have an upgraded production server?

not at the moment can you contact me directly?

For server upgrades you can contact Kresimir#3615 on Discord.

I can’t seem to join the discord, tried before it and didn’t allow me to enter. Neither my collegue

You mean you have problems joining Discord in general or joining Moralis channel on Discord?

Hey @slaaitjuh! Hope you’re doing well.

I’m Kresimir the cryptokid mentioned. Can you let me know here in Forum DMs, a bit about your Dapp, specifically I’m interested if you could let me know:

  1. the number of concurrent users you’re experiencing
  2. your server subdomain / server url

I’m looking forward to see what I can do for you there. Thank you! :slight_smile: