Server vs speedy node

Hello, im new in blockchain and i want to have a private node of the bsc network.

I have a user in your website but i dont understand the difference between a server configured with the bsc mainnet and a speedy node.

Thank you

a server configured with bsc mainnet will sync information in your Moralis Server db only for that specific chain.

a speedy node is a lower level system that only supports a limited number of commands like getting the transaction content by hash or sending a transaction to the chain

Thank you!

If i hire the pro plan. Can i have my own speedy node or at least a private speedy node?

There aren’t plans now for private speedy nodes from what I know. Why do you need a private speedy node?

I´m programming a snipper bot with web3js and i want to increase my chances of “hit first”

you can try with current free or pro plan, we don’t have private speedy nodes plans