Server Sync Contract

Hi guys, does anyone know how to fix the sync? It’s so intermittent, the problem is that I spend like 5/10min setting up a new server, and sometimes it does not work. Let me know if these two images help to investigate the problem. All the events were working yesterday but It seems since the updated version of the server came up it is not working anymore.

you have that require in your cloud code? it is strange that it is a local windows path there

Not really, I use the cloud watch and it was working fine yesterday. Let me know if you want me to share with you anything from the code.

maybe you can close moralis-admin-cli and start watch again

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Could you help us with this problem?

We just implemented on the testnet Rinkeby and we are having the same problems with the events.

Cors Error to save image to the server I just created.

maybe the server was not accessible at that time, did you try again?

Yes :frowning: I think something is happening with the new version released of the server.

everything else works ok with that server? can you authenticate?

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I created another server because that one wasn’t working and I have the same problem.

this looks like a different problem, can you also paste the server url?

it only works when I restart the server

and it works fine after you restarted the server without having problems again?

It is working fine now as it seems, hopefully stays this way. Did you find any issue on the server?

I didn’t look yet at that server

Same error :frowning:

I restarted the server

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I’m still having the same problem with CORS. I have never had this problem. So weird