Server stuck on loading

Hi guys, do you know what is causing this?
I’m having this problem since yesterday.

Hi, I don’t know exactly what happened, I’ll try to restart now those two servers.

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Hey @cryptokid, thank you so much.

I’m since yesterday with this problem, I have tried to do a lot of things to get back to normal but it is still the same loading.

they are both still in the same situation with loading loop now?

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Yes, the same still!

Hey @cryptokid, could you give me some assistance with this problem? I’m not able to access my servers since yesterday and I’m rushing with it because we will soon go live.

Now I expect that we will fix the problem in 1 hour.

You still have problems with both servers?

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Only with 1 now, the one I was using previously.

you deleted one of the servers?

I have two servers right now, one is stuck on loading, and the other one seems to be ok. Would you be able to remove the first one ?

You mean to completely remove it from the list of your servers, like deleting it?

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Sorry for the delay… I still see the stuck loading and now I tried to reset my other server and it got stuck too on loading. Do you think you could assist me with that?

Yes, deleting it if it is possible

the second server is still in a loading loop now?

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The second is good now, Thank you so much!

Could you delete the first one?

we will still try to investigate the first one

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Hey @cryptokid, could you give me some assistance with this problem?

Our server is stuck on loading again.

Email your account email to [email protected] and he will check

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