Server Setup for Hackathon


I have two questions I guess. Firstly, I believe in order to participate for the hackathon competition for the prize money, I need to create a server in Moralis as a starting point. The question is which server should I be creating. Since this hackathon is sponsored by Avalanche, should I create an Avalanche Server and should it be main net or test net or another. I would like one that has smart contract enabled?

Second question is that the stuff I need to build will go live onto Avalanche private block chain at some point and it will be used for my own business. Does Moralis still give me all that great functionality once I gave gone into production?

Considering production / deployment etc, is there anything else I need to keep in mind? Will I have to change the server address. Can I still use the same Moralis server which I added for development even for production ?

You can upgrade the server later if you want to use same server for production.

You can create a server specific for testnet to have avalanche testnet on it. If you want avalanche mainnet you have to create a mainnet server. There are 3 types of servers depending on the chain category: dev for local dev chain, testnet and mainnet.

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