Server not Syncing

My Moralis server is not syncing all events for contract addresses that have been added to watch and sync
subdomain: oltpmtgu4lnn

what you mean by not syncing all the events, what events it is syncing?

it used to sync all transfers for an erc721 contract but has stopped recently.
also it has never populated nfttransfers table except for one row.

the web3 api returns 4646 transactions which the db only has 1.73K rows so far and there are definitely missing transactions

DB image below -> note 1.79K rows

web3 api below -> note 4468 total

I saw this in logs: error: afterSave failed for EthTransactions

This would be the response from webhook correct? Would it affect number of rows in the db?

it may be related to web hooks

if you remove the web hooks and add again that address to watch then it syncs all the transactions?

I will give that a shot and revert, but the webhook is set to fire on aftersave, so rows should still be added to db correct?
Also, since this is in production is there a way for a forced resync without removing the webhook?

it seems all hashes mentioned in the webhook logs are part of the db rows, but the ones which are missing are not in the error logs for webhooks either.
Could you give it a look? I fear something else is an issue with the sync

you can force a resync by adding that address to watch again

I’m trying to sync that address on a server now to see how many transactions it syncs

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it looks like there are only 501 native transactions for that address

you are looking for NFT transfers, that are a different thing

yes looking for nft transfers. the ethnfttransfers table is also stuck at 1 transaction only

that looks to be a NFT contract address, not a user address, the contract address doesn’t own those NFTs, it only keeps track of them

so i am confused here, EthTransactions table would not get all Transfers of NFTs?
So far it has been logging some of them?

EthTransactions will have all the transactions for the NFTs for the addresses that have the nfts, but not for the smart contract that keeps track of the nfts

you could try to sync an event for that smart contract, like an event for transfer