Server not syncing events as of 20:00 UTC


It last reported events at 2022-01-13T20:15:28.000Z - there’s been a lot of events logged on chain since then, and the server’s not reporting any performance issues. Can you fix asap - we just upgraded so that this exact thing wouldn’t happen.

Tech support have confirmed via email that this is a known, widespread issue that they’re working on.

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thanks for sharing! I got the same problem

it should be back to normal now, you can also try to restart you Moralis Server

Are you sure this is fixed? I’m having the contract sync issue and was told in discord that it is still being worked on. Also, I’ve just ran a test with my project and it’s still failing to sync the events.

Please let us know when this is fixed.

Also, is there a service health/status page where we can see when there are outages? It’s ok if there’s an outage, but as a customer I’d really appreciate some notice on issues and when they are resolved.

it was fixed, but it looks like we had problems again yesterday/today, we are working on a permanent fix

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