Server Instance Stuck

Hi! I’ve taken a break for a week or two from using Moralis but I come back and notice a server instance I made a while back is just stuck loading? I can’t see the server ID/URL and am unable to stop or delete it. I’m assuming it’s been that way for multiple days now.

The easiest thing to do is just to create a new instance. Periodically important updates come out and they are pushed out to all existing instances. The your server version may be too old to upgrade upgrade properly.

That’s fine and what I did but the old instance is still stuck in limbo, just want to remove it.

What is your server url? We’ll need to remove it manually.

I cant see it since it’s stuck loading but I may still have it written down somewhere, I’ll look

Not 100% if this is it, I don’t have the code from the original project but it may be

Could you check if your instance is still loading?


Hey it’s fixed now, did you guys do that? Thanks for the help!

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