Server error on my exchange dashboard

please i need help with project a server error keeps coming up on my both admin and user dashboard this is about the 5th time that am experiencing this, and am not using a free plan i subscribe monthly though am not a developer, each time this issue occurs all the wallets will disappear from the dashboard please i need help with this technical issue to be sorted out once and for all please.

Hey @IWC,

an you clarify what issue are you getting specifically? Not sure what do you mean by all wallets will disappear

Also what errors are you getting from the server, I assume this server is Moralis hosted

the issue am experiencing specifically on my exchange dashboard is that the UI and wallet list of crypto currencies that are listed on my exchange both admin and user dashboard are currently unavaible this is the 6th time am experiencing this technical issue and it’s really getting me fraustrated very much, the last time i experienced this was when i was initially using a free plan but now i have upgraded to a pro plan monthly on the 20th of april 2023 below is the screenshot of the current server error massage i keep seeing on my project please i need a lasting solution for this technical issue thanks.

HTTP request returned status code 429:
You exceeded your 200 request(s) rate limit of your FREE plan


On the pro plan, you can also receive the 429 error if you exceed your CU rate limit.

May I know if this error message is a hardcoded message in your code?
You exceeded your 200 request(s) rate limit of your FREE plan

The error message for 429 error code looks like this if it is from Moralis.
Too Many Requests error message is from API and
[C0006] Request failed, Too Many Requests(429): Rate limit exceeded. is the error message from SDK.

what can we do to resolve this error once and for all
in order not to experience this kind of error please

hello, how often it happens, when it happens for how long it happens?

it actually started last month this is the 4th time we are experiencing this

you could have rate limit error from time to time if you reach the rate limit per second, for a pro plan is 60 CU/s

when it happens, for how long it happens?

this issue began on the 18th APRIL up till this moment please help out on how we can permanently get this issue resolved

I need more info, I don’t know exactly what happens

if needed you can get a plan with a higher rate limit, if that is the main issue

the last time i experienced this it was last week Saturday but every thing came back on by itself up and running after 4 to 6 hours,
But this time around its more that 48 hours still yet to come up

it took 4-6 hours until it started to work again, until that time you got those 429 rate limit errors?

server error massage came up agian 5 days after every thing return back up and running again
it has been on and off ever since i subscribe to this pro plan April 25

could it be that this error message is hardcoded or from a different service?

we don’t return this particular error message in our API

so were could this server error massage came out from?

I don’t know, maybe you are using other API services too?

we are using

we’ve contacted other API service providers and they said everything is working find
But then can you check for me on the moralis details weither i have exceeded any limits ?

what should i do next to get this issue sorted out please