Server Data Used metrics


A couple of hours ago I’ve spin up a Moralis server for playing around with. I have noticed that data usage under Servers is keeping increasing in size even if I have not yet deploy anything to the server or created any cloud functions.

Is that a normal thing? I assume later on when subscription plans will be released this will be used as metric bandwidth usage isn’t it?

Hey @pippos,

Could you let us know what you are referring to when you say “servers keep increasing in size”?

Could you also provide us your subdomain so that we can look into it deeper?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Sorry for my late reply. I was referring to the Data Used section. I was not even doing anything with the newly created server and every time I was hitting the refresh button of the browser the data usage was keep increasing around 10MB each time without a reason.

Can I PM you with the server url?