Sending multiple transactions in correct order

Hey there,
i have multiple transactions on my website and i am mapping through each metamask transaction.
In my array it is in the correct order but when i loop through my array and try to execute each transaction it goes in a compeltely different order.
I tried using async/await and it didnt help at all. How can i make sure metamask pops the transactions up in the correct order ?

How do you iterate over that array? transaction ....

then i check with if.
2x if conditions inside the map.

like so

Try with a for that gets one index at a time from that array

but map also provides an index innit ? map((el, index)

i tried it. Same issue as before

What is the code that you use with for?

i added a delay at the end of the loop. Worked well for me

thank you so much btw. You help a lot

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