Send request on test network

Hello! How can i send request for get current price of pair (BTC, AVAX, PERP) not globally, but in the test network(e.c. in Сan be passed in the headers or as a get parameter. Yours respectfully!

not globally

Do you mean not mainnet?

You can query that Perpetual Protocol DEX or exchange contracts (or API if they have one) for pair price.

Otherwise for individual token prices, you can use getTokenPrice.

Hello! thanks for feedback.Yes, not mainnet? but a test network. Can you show example: how send request on testnet for getting of price pair? What fields in the request getTokenPrice need to be filled?

You can give an example of a pair on Perpetual Protocol testnet.

You will need to query that DEX (contract or API) where the pair is - it’s not supported with getTokenPrice API (with the exchange parameter).