Send ChainLink tutorial folders Q

Trying to follow the steps in:

At different places it is talking about the following folders:

You can find the complete code behind our example dapp on GitHub. There you’ll see the “write” (frontend) and “backend” folders.

and below that:

With our code cloned, make sure you have the content of the “write” folder in your “frontend” folder.

So do we need to have “write” , “backend” and “frontend” folders?
And is the cloned “write” folder inside our newly created “frontend” folder?
Or do you use the “write” and “frontend” folder interchangeably ?

Also, below that:
“. Then, open that folder in VSC and install the required dependencies with this command:”
Q: Open WHAT folder? (If we have both “write” and “frontend” folders)

In the tutorial there are two topics covered but are rather “mixed”.
A clarification would be greatly appreciated