Select multiple chains on Monitor Events

I would like to suggest a to allow user to select multiple chains when setting up Monitoring on smart contract events.

Not having the option to select multiple chains complicates code and deployment when it can be made simpler

Currently you need to setup new event monitor for each chain listening to the same contract (but each contract has its own address).

  • This complicates deployment and changes to those contract event monitors.
  • You cannot save into same table, so you need to create a table for each chain.
  • Since you need to create new table, you need to change code to query the different tables.
  • Need to setup multiple table event listener (e.g. Moralis.Cloud.afterSave) for each table

Allow user to select multiple chains when setting up contract monitoring and add multiple addresses to listen to (as contract on each chain will have different address). This would then save into 1 table. There could be a column in that table that defines the chainId.