Seems moralis doesn't have pending info?

Iā€™ve found this topic had been asked before ( forum(dot)moralis(dot)io/t/getpendingtransactions-error/1577 ), but no valid answer:

I specifically need ā€œgetPendingTransactions a.k.a. eth_pendingTransactionsā€ endpoint for BSC.

however, the solution described in that answer, is subscribe(ā€œpendingTransactionsā€) . But as you see in the links of their doc pages,the first one provides promise of full object/info, while the latter one only provide transaction hashes.

I want to know if Moralis has the first endpoint working somehow, as I couldnt get it working with the code:
setInterval( async function(){ web3.eth.getPendingTransactions().then(console.log); }, 1000);

as it always returns empty array.

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txpool_content could be an option, but that call is not whitelisted now on our nodes

the only option that I know now that works with Moralis speedy nodes is to subscribe to pendingTransactions

So, no way to achieve what I want with moralis. pitty. just getting only transaction hashes (individual hash needs then separate call to get their information, is overkill. as there are 100ā€™s of hashes coming each second).

yes, I donā€™t know of an easy way to do that.
but if you had a function to get the entire list of transactions, wouldnā€™t you want to call that function a lot of times in a second so what you have new information up to date?

actually, i need transaction details (from/to properties) which is obtained in ā€œeth_pendingTransactionsā€ call. that way, i will not need to call individually 100ā€™s of ā€˜getTransaction(txHash)ā€™ function, which is the way to get transaction details if I will go with ā€œsubscribe(pendingTransactions)ā€ as this last one only provides transaction hashes, which will need making 100ā€™s of requests in each second to just get basic transaction properties.
hope you understand what I mean.
many thanks for answers.

do you know what particular call to the eth node this function would use?


I have the same need, idea is to analyse each pending transaction to identify the sender address and look what happen.