Security of linking to erc1551 meta/json

Hi, I have an erc1551 contract which points to 2000 jpg via the json meta. Both the jpgs and jsons have been uploaded to IPFS The plan is NOT to pre mint all 2000 but I have a mint function which is called when someone wants to buy the NFT. So the question…what is to stop someone else coming along and deploying a smart contract which links and mints the NFTs that have not yet been minted by my smart contract.?? I guess anyone can create a smart contract that that mints any jpg/json out there but it won’t be the original so not such a worry. But in the case I explaining the potential NFT has not been minted yet by the originator so potentially anyone can do it.

I would not worry about that, you can upload all 2k images to same IPFS folder, or to upload them at the time of mint

Hi. Yes I have uploaded them all the same IPFS folder. So they all have the same base url. Then just the token ID differentiates the json/jpg files. Since they are non fungible obviously the token ids go from 1 to 2000. However only the first say 10 are minted initially. Then if someone knows the base url (which is trivial to find especially if you have already minted from that url) then its easy to create another erc1551 smart contract and point to the token ids which have not yet been minted? Or am I missing something obvious.

it is easy, but it will be a different smart contract