Security misunderstanding

I’m trying to lock down my moralis server I have no functionality within my DApp that would require a user to input data so they will have no need to access database for modification. However, I do need to continue receiving smart contracts events and display the data on my front end. I don’t have a complete understanding because now I’ve managed to restrict access to the database from users as well as smart contract events. Using cloud code I’m able to bypass the restrictions and retrieve the old data as before, but now new events are not being written to the database. I’m confused on how to only allow smart contract events to be written to the database without enabling public writing in a specific table

If you have a nitro server all you need to do is to add role:coreservices to the CLP of those tables

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I thought as much, I may be entering the wrong characters. Thank you

I’m a complete idiot, thank you for putting up with me. You can close this out. Thank you again.