"schema class name does not revalidate"

Hi guys, I have the error :

“schema class name does not revalidate”

the code is below:

const saveTick = async (saveData) => {

    const Tick = await Moralis.Object.extend(

        "z_" + saveData.tokenSymbol + "_" + saveData.exchange


    var tick = new Tick();

    tick.set("nativePrice", saveData.nativePrice.value);

    tick.set("usdPrice", saveData.usdPrice);

    tick.set("timestamp", Date.now());

    tick.set("timestring", ___.getCurrentTimeString());

    let result = await tick.save().then(

        (tick) => {

            return true;


        (error) => {


                "Failed to create new Tick, with error code: ",

                error.message  // error: "schema class name does not revalidate"


            return false;



    return result;


Despite the error notification, It seems data were still saved to database as expected.
Any help will be very appreciated!

maybe this helps: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56001882/schema-class-name-does-not-revalidate-error-when-trying-to-add-a-class-to-pars

The error caused by a “-” minus sign inside the exchange name which is named by Moralis for “pancakeswap-v2”; That character not accepted for className and data will not be saved;
I had to text.replace this minus by an under_score before saving data.
I suggest Moralis should change the naming for exchanges without the minus character to avoid this issue.