Scalability of moralis cloud syncs

Hey Moralis Team,

first of all congrats with the launch of Nitro! With that I have a question I was wondering about. How scalable are the moralis hooks in terms of invocations. Iโ€™m using moralis primarily to reliably catch smart contract events and then make api calls to another cloud function for some processing. I was wondering if these hooks can scale to potentially 100s of requests per second and which risks there are in terms of not catching some events. For my application itโ€™s critical that all new events get caught immediatly.


I think that it could depend on how many events are processed by the cloud function and how fast is that cloud function at processing the events, if there are 1000 new events in a second then that cloud function may be able to finish them in time or not until next events will be synced.

The function is pretty simple, it reads a database value and makes an api request. Anyway do the callbacks scale automatically or are they ran on a server with set resources

Callbacks should run on your Moralis server, and they should scale with the server CPU power.