Saving Object Number field

Got it! forgot to save! Here is the working code:

const Conts= Moralis.Object.extend("Conts");
              const query = new Moralis.Query(Conts);
              const toUpdate = await query.get(;
              await toUpdate.increment("votes");

Hi guys,
I am trying to save an Object with a number field “votes”, anyhow, I am facing strange behaviour. In the first place, when creating the object, the votes column is not created, So I added it manually. Now when trying to increment it, the field shows as incremented when the object comes back in the console, but it will not be in the database:

//Code for Object creation
const newCont = new Moralis.Object("Contributions");
      newCont.set("ipfs", ipfs);
      newCont.set("hash", hash);
      newCont.set("file", MoralisFile);
      newCont.set("owner", currentUser);
      newCont.set("name", name);
      newCont.set("description", description);
      newCont.set("votes", 0);
      newCont.set("voters", []);
//Code for update
  const query = new Moralis.Query("Memes");
              const toUpdate = await query.get(;
              await toUpdate.increment("votes");

What am I doing wrong? :thinking:

i think this code line should also have await. :slight_smile:

Carlos Z

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