Saving an object to custom db table

I am able to save to a custom db table I create in moralis server. My question is there a way to check if the .save was good right there like a try catch ? Or do I just check again with another .Query

I didn’t think on this before, what does save return on success? There should be a way to know if it succeeds or not.

Yes. I’m going to have to write a function to check right after I create seems a waste

maybe this syntax works: {
    }).catch(function(error) {

That didn’t but this got me where I wanted to go …

 let response =;

Much better question… Does it cost money or is it even possible to define a custom db table with keys or like even two fields make up a unique key? Or even one field is unique. I am assuming the primary id is just random generated. Or any way to define some attributes to those fields ?

I don’t know exactly how you define a custom db table to do that automatically, what you could do would be to define a simple db table and add that logic in beforeSave