Running page on localhost

Hello Everyone!. I need some serious help here.
I downloaded the code from ( which is an open source Code that was explained on a Morales you tube Video (

I setup the code up per the videos instructions and installed all dependencies needed. I also added all the server credentials and collection address as well. However, While I start the React APP in local server using YARN START command and NODE MAIN.js file----The web browser opens but nothing displayed in that webpage.

If you guys have any ideas what I may be doing wrong Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If anyone needs more information I am more than happy to provide

–I think there may be a small issue on the Moralis Server, I have looked over the code for 20 times but i don’t see any issues in it–I’m thinking this an issue with the server…

you can try to look in your browser console to see if there are any errors

it Does not Show me any Errors

what does it do then? can you add some logging in the code?

The webpage is still loading, As soon as I get a response or message on the console i will send it to you
Thank you for your help

you can see that it just keeps loading with no response
I’m going to send you the code here shortly

you could add some logging in the code, so that you may identify what it is loading

ok, no way to know where from those errors come

Yes, i know, that is what i need help with, I do not know where go from here, could there be an issue on my code?

Are you Available to assist me via a Zoom Meeting by chance?

I don’t know how to help you in this case

Thant’s unfortunate, is there anyone you know that may be able to assist me?

I think that @YosephKS knows more react than me, but he is not available at this time

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Hey @NEEDHELP seems like I am able to run it perfectly fine, did you make any changes to the code when setting up and I’m wondering based on the picture are you redirected to localhost:3000/IAmJaysWay/… or you do that by yourself? because when I first run it, it directs me to localhost:3000/homepage

It automatically redirects to that page itself. Also shared a copy of code as well.

hmmm not so sure, I checked the video briefly, it looks just like what I have and the main page is localhost:3000/homepage with a warning Options component not used. And, I know you send your code there, but it’ll be hard to look the difference, so can you please tell me if you made any changes :raised_hands: thank you

No, I haven’t made any changes in the original code apart from dependency and library installation which is required to run code. Also added Moralis server information in code as per the guidance and added public address of collection.