RunContractFunction does not working

I try to use RunContractFunction but it was not working on solidity using unity!

What you mean by on solidity?

i try to fetch data using the RunContractFunction but doesn’t work in my unity project.

here is my code

I get this error

it looks like this is that makes it to the server:

Input: {“address”:“0xC9BD384bdb55Ac589D635F52cc4d1bcE0fe901b7”,“function_name”:“myTotal”,“abi”:"{“abi”:"[ { \“inputs\”: [ { \“internalType\”: \“uint8\”, \“name\”: \"_myArg\", \“type\”: \“uint8\” } ], \“name\”: \“addTotal\”, \“outputs\”: [], \“stateMutability\”: \“nonpayable\”, \“type\”: \“function\” }, { \“inputs\”: [], \“name\”: \“myTotal\”, \“outputs\”: [ { \“internalType\”: \“uint256\”, \“name\”: \"\", \“type\”: \“uint256\” } ], \“stateMutability\”: \“view\”, \“type\”: \“function\” } ]",“params”:null}",“chain”:“0x4”}

it shouldn’t look like that with all those \ in the abi

sorry, I don’t get it where I put that string value? can you help me base on my current source code?

I don’t know how to change your source code, maybe you don’t have to put a string there for abi, can you try with a json object?

ok how i can communicate to the solidity contract without abi?

I mean that abi that you have there, to not send it as parameter in that string form, to convert it to a json object

I bit confused sir, how I can do that? Do you want me to convert the abi string to json?

a json looks like this [ {“a”: 5} ]

ok let me try to do that sir.