Rpc create account with PHP

I’m trying to create a new address (account) via RPC using PHP.

$geth = new EthereumRPC(IP_RPC_ETH, PORT_RPC_ETH);
$addressEth = $geth->personal()->newAccount(PASSWORD_RPC_ETH);

I can’t succeed using RPC from my moralis account. Do you have any idea?


does it work with another RPC address?

Thanks for your response.

Yes with a fullnode.
If there is another way, please tell me, I need to get a new address(account), get balance and send balance via RPC.

I don’t know exactly what this line does.
You want to create a random new account? what is that PASSWORD_RPC_ETH used for?

or you want to load info for an existing account?

I think that the RPC address should not matter to create or load an account.

what is the error that you get?