Role table in the database

I notice that moralis created a role table record for me . How , why , or when could this have happened and what is it for if I didn’t create it myself ?

you mean coreservices?

yeah that one. Also, having another issue with invalid session token. Cause I deleted some database records but didn’t want to delete the session table record cause I don’t know what it does . So I upgrade the server, that didn’t fix the invalid session token. Do I just have to delete the session cookies or whatever to fix this >? And there are two different kinds of moralis session tokens in my cookies, and useMoralis. I am assuming useMoralis is the one I delete ?

that coreservices role is from Moralis, you should not delete it

when do you get that invalid session token error?
you are the only user on that server? in that case you could delete the session tokens from db and login/authenticate again