Returning data from opensea

Good afternoon
my question concerns whether it is possible to get listings nfts from the Moralis API?

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if those listings are the same thing as orders, you may be able to get that info with opensea plugin

you may need an API key for opensea to add it in plugin configuration

Thank you for such a quick response.

But the main problem is that I need to get all the listings items for a specific time, and from the available data, I have only the address (token_address).

Сan I get information with such criteria?

it looks like it also requires a token id, you could check the documentation for opensea to see if it is possible to get that info directly from opensea somehow

Yes, you’re right.

Previously, I used the opensea API for this purpose, but their API does not cope with the load. For this reason, I want to use the moralis API, but based on the data that I can use in my project, I have this problem.

example of an opensea request:${collection}&occurred_after=${queryTime}&cursor=${next}

does the moralis API provide a similar request?

I don’t know of a similar request in our API

you can check the API here:
and the documentation is here:

you can try to sync events on a server, in case that events are emitted on chain, but it may be too many events for opensea


At the moment, you are does not provide getting all the “listings” of elements from Opensea.

Do you plan to add their support in the future?

I don’t know of plans for that now, you can propose that on