reSyncMetaData never returns anything?

The example here:

Does not return anything? Is this always the case? We should not expect this to return the new synced metadata?

No you query the metadata for metadata

Resync endpoint won’t return metadata just tells moralis to update metadata


  1. resync
  2. get metadata

I am using moralis version β€œ^0.0.135”, but this does not have resyncmetadata function. Am i missing something?

you need to use a newer version of Moralis SDK to use that function, or you can use it directly in the admin interface:

Thank you @cryptokid , i tried to resync a particular token id and then called getAllTokenIds, but the metadata was not updated for that particular id. Any idea?

const NFTs = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getAllTokenIds({
address: collectionAddress,
chain: β€œbsc”

if you try to get the metadata for that particular token id now it is still not updated?

how did you code the resync or what params are you using? some code would be helpful :raised_hands:

Moralis now supports refresh for all NFTs automatically Moralis Updates NFT Metadata