Resync NFTBalances

Hi @cryptokid

I have another problem using moralis apis.

Even though after minted my nft and I called resyncMetadata, I can’t see new nft from NFTBalances. (over 30 mins after minted new nft).
But, I can confirm it created on bscscan.

          const options = {
            address: collection.addr,
            token_id: token_id,
            flag: "uri",
            chain: chainId
          const result = await Moralis.Web3API.token.reSyncMetadata(options);

How can I fix?

Please give me your quick help.


Is the issue solved?

If not can you share the contract address and NFT id to check.

Sorry, not fixed.
I can’t get them still.
I tested on your web3 api.
It still returns empty. (but, I can get them on metamask and my moralis server - BscNFTTransfer table.)

token address: 0xbc0bdbba6f590736761901b8348ccfee428a26bc

Maybe, I think it is api issue.

Please let me know after reviewed.


Because our clients know I used your moralis apis for marketplace, they might disappoint about moralis apis.
So, I need you fix this issue asap.

We still have to fix a problem on testnet networks. It should be related.

can you fix today?
and then it will work on mainnet?

On mainnet should work now already.
I don’t know if it will be fixed today on testnet.

Guys, we really need it for tomorrow. Keep Working

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