Resync endpoint update delay?

Iโ€™d like to know if resync endpoint is a real time update, so NFT sync can be confirmed instantly? /nft/{address}/{token_id}/metadata/resync

If not, how long does it take normally ?

I donโ€™t think that it is real time, and also I donโ€™t think that you have confirmation, it will be added to a queue to be processed, and sometimes for example the token_uri can not be accessible to get the metadata

you can check the status for that token_id to see when it was synced last time

@cryptokid Resync endpoint provides two options: resync URI or metadata. So, it allows updating only one of these fields.

When the synced_at response property will be updated? For any of these fields or only when both are resynced?

I think that it will update when using any of them

Moralis now supports refresh for all NFTs automatically Moralis Updates NFT Metadata