REST API to get native token balance and image

Hello Team,

I’m using Moralis REST API to fetch the tokens from specific address. Now the api {address}/erc20 doesn’t return natic token, it’s address and it’s image. How to fetch those details?


can you give a more exact example?

Ok so I’m using this REST API :{address}/erc20?chain=eth

Now it returns only erc20 tokens, but I want to fetch all the holdings from my wallet including ETH/native token balance, name, symbol and image.

there may be a different endpoint for native currency

I don’t think so, there is one more API which returns native token balance :{ADDRESS}/balance?chain=eth

But problem is, it only returns balance - no name, image, symbol etc.

you could try to get that info from trust wallet GitHub repository for those particular cases for native currency

But why to use other library, I think this should be in Moralis.

it looks like we don’t have that now, you can propose it on

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