Resolve solana domain problem

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘ens’)
code snippet:
…web3.sol.ens.getAddress(domainName).then(function (address)…
How to solve this problem thank you


Where did you find that syntax? ENS won’t work for Solana.

Thank you. I found it on the moralis official website

Unhandled Rejection (Error): Provider not set or invalid
…web3.eth.ens.getAddress(domainName).then(function (address)…
It was this mistake at first Thank you

You need to set the provider. With Moralis, you can follow this or if you’re using web3.js on its own, look at the web3.js docs.

Is there any domain name resolution related to Solana API? Web3 API is not related to Solana chain thank you

what is a domain specific to Solana? can you give some examples?