Reset password functionality with custom link/page

When we use the built-in e-mail verification and password reset functionalities, the users receive a link to an external page.
Is it possible to edit this “reset your password” and “email verified” pages?

If we could at least edit the css to style it in a way that matches our app it would be nice.

If not, can we have access to the process you guys use to generate a new password hash and store it? Would like to use the same algorithm!
That way we could send our users to our own page and deal with the password reset ourselves.

Thanks in advance!

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We don’t have this functionality yet, I added it on an internal list of issues.

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Alright awesome! Thanks for the reply

guys this is kind of URGENT. We are talking about web3 which involves LOTS of money, scammers and security risks. How come we are not able to customize password reset form? it’s absolutely mandatory to be able to ask for at least “eight characters, one symbol, bla bla”.

Currently if i change my password to 123 it goes through !!! not good.

any workaround for this?

I am thinking that you could make your own reset password system, similar to how you did that custom system to validate the email.

The user receives a link in mail, the link contains a token, and you can change the password using master key.

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good call, will look into it and get it post here for future references! thanks sr!