Request for Resolution of Metadata Issue in TIME for Good NFT Collection

Hello everyone,

I am encountering an issue with the NFT metadata for tokens in the collection TIME for good. Specifically, there seems to be a discrepancy between the metadata provided in the API response and the actual metadata for the tokens.

I have tried using the Resync NFT metadata service to solve this issue, but it has not provided the correct response. I have checked the metadata for several tokens in the collection, and they all seem to have the same issue.

The metadata for these tokens should contain information such as the Artist, Border, Edition size, Medium, Proceeds to, and Theme. However, the metadata being returned by the API does not seem to have this information, which is causing problems for me and potentially other users as well.

I kindly request that the issue with the NFT metadata for tokens in the β€œTIME for good” collection be resolved as soon as possible. This would help to ensure that the metadata is accurate and consistent for analysis. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Hi @dipesh

Can you share the token Id of the NFT whose metadata is wrong?

Sure. I require metadata for these tokens:

  • 47962609947293890009065351706700457831661360273274544087483923737066824794113
  • 47962609947293890009065351706700457831661360273274544087483923739265848049665
  • 47962609947293890009065351706700457831661360273274544087483923738166336421889

It seems like an issue from opensea. The token URI of the NFT’s is an opensea centralised data path so we can only get the correct data if opensea sends the correct data.

Here is an example of token uri of the first tokenId which also shows the wrong metadata.

Thank you for helping me identify the cause of the issue. I have now raised an issue on OpenSea in the hopes of resolving it.

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