Replace thegraph with Moralis


I am under the impression that Moralis could index everything as easily as the graph. If I were to create something like the uniswap info page ( and power it with a Moralis server, there should be a way for me to move thegraph to Moralis, right? Unfornately, I find myself already stuck on the very first step. Correct me if I were wrong. I think what I should be doing is “sync” the PairCreated event from the factory contract and then sync Mint/Burn/Swap/Transfer/Sync events from every pair contract. Since there are so many pairs out there already, does it mean that I need to manually sync thousands of times? In case there’s a new pair created, should I manually sync that one, too? Please tell me what I’m missing here.

You can do it from code as well. So, you can trigger it whenever you’d like.

Also, if you’d like to directly query the pairs, you can try the Moralis API method, reserves and -

That’s gold. Appreciate it!