renderUserItem not displaying NFT name (Rarible Clone pt8)

I have a simple issue. I can display my NFTs and their description but cannot display their names.
here is the console log (dont mind the poor use of names and descriptions lol):

In my renderUserItem function, i had to change the name.innerText to β€œp” instead of β€œh5” as it couldnt render any data from the server.

renderUserItem = (item) => {
    const userItemListing = document.getElementById(`user-item-${item.tokenObjectId}`);
    if (userItemListing) return;

    const userItem = userItemTemplate.cloneNode(true);
    userItem.getElementsByTagName("img")[0].src = item.image;
    userItem.getElementsByTagName("img")[0].alt =;
    userItem.getElementsByTagName("p")[0].innerText =;
    userItem.getElementsByTagName("p")[0].innerText = item.description;


Your userItems seems broken e.g. the img tags aren’t closed and starting h5 tags. You can console.log to see if there is valid data.