Relations in database

Hello. I want to make some relationships for the nft marketplace I am building but I can’t seem to figure it out so I need a small example.

For example, I have the users. When I go into the users class, I want to have a field that contains the assets that this user owns. In the same manner, when I look into an asset, I want to see the owner.

How can I make this happen?

It may be easier to use pointers, you can create a new class that has a column of type pointer to user and other columns specific to the asset, in case that one asset can correspond only to a user.

You can also find examples online in general for parse server and it should work the same

Thanks a lot, that does the job from asset to user but how can I access from user to asset too? It will have 1 to many relationship so giving a pointer to an asset doesn’t work for me.

You can do a query in the other table on the pointer column for a particular user and it will return the list of assets

Wow it was that simple, thanks a lot!